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 Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks [2010 / 320 / 93 Mb]

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PostSubject: Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks [2010 / 320 / 93 Mb]   Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:06 pm

Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks [2010 / 320 / 93 Mb]

Matt Cutler has delivered impeccably produced beat music for a couple of years now, but its really in the last few months that he's found his feet drawn to a heavy, smudged style of House music. Infusing the warehouse rave heritage of his adopted home city Manchester with the same classic Chicago and NYC memes as his London counterparts, his signature feel for synaesthetically evocative melody has really started to pay dividends. 'Emerald Fantasy Tracks' is one of the most unapologetically ecstatic dancefloor albums we've heard this year, from the eccied AGCG delights of 'Aquamarine' to the pickled keys of 'Re-Schooling', he does to the current House scene what BoC did with HipHop and downbeat electronica in the late '90s. Tracks like 'Moon Beam Harp' or 'Cloud 909' feature titles that are in themselves enough to send your mind in the right direction, but it's his grasp of lushed-out and retro-futuristic electronics that make this album such an enjoyable experience, enveloping your senses with the fragrant wow and flutter of detuned synthlines and a sublimely tactile attention to polaroid-grainy and slightly decaying surface detail.

01. Cloud 909
02. Aquamarine
03. Moon Beam Harp
04. Ultramarine
05. Re-Schooling
06. Rissotowe_4
07. Petrcane Beach Track
08. The Birds Don't Fly This High

ul.to 5vd3o9

multiupload.com 8WJC3AB0MU

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Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks [2010 / 320 / 93 Mb]
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