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 Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF

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Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF Empty
PostSubject: Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF   Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 26, 2010 3:50 pm

Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF

Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF 76

Artist : Darkstar
Title : North (HDBCD006)
Label : Hyperdub
Cat.Num : HDBCD006
Genre : Bass
Year : 2010
Playtime : 41:24 min
Url : n/a
Rls.Date : 10/2010
Source : WEB
Quality : 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Tracks : 10
Size : 94,10 MB

Track List:
01. In The Way 03:03
02. Gold 04:31
03. Deadness 04:50
04. Aidys Girl Is A Computer 05:22
05. Under One Roof 04:42
06. Two Chords 04:09
07. North 04:03
08. Ostkruez 02:41
09. Dear Heartbeat 03:54
10. When It's Gone 04:09
41:24 min

Release Notes:

Leading up to the release of their
feverishly anticipated debut album for
Hyperdub, Darkstar underwent some major
evolutionary changes. Perhaps most
signifiicantly they expanded from a
production/writing duo of James Young and
Aiden Whalley into a trio, now including
vocalist James Buttery. This personnel
change has been reflected in the music
too. While previously Darkstar's sound
leaned towards the fringes of dubstep, the
musical profile of North is considerably
more difficult to define. The genre
connections remain at least partially
in-check on former single 'Aidy's Girl Is
A Computer' - perhaps the most immediately
addictive and outwardly
dancefloor-friendly cut here, thanks to a
fine garagey swing - but elsewhere the
band morph into a kind mutant,
introspective synth-pop project, turning
out sublime robotic soul on the likes of
'Deadness' and 'Dear Heartbeat'. Upcoming
single 'Gold' probably tells you something
about where Darkstar are setting their
sights, remaking the Human League classic
'You Remind Me Of Gold' with a mulched
electronic moroseness. Despite its
origins, the song sounds a million miles
away from any notions of rose-tinted '80s
nostalgia, and as North begins to reveal
itself you'll hear Darkstar encroaching
upon a very fresh and modern electronic
pop idiom. The stunning 'Under One Roof'
is pinned together by dystopian lyrics and
a production that sways woozily through
soundscapes that could have been lifted
from Fever Ray's debut album. Rather than
resting on top of the mix, Buttery's
singing is cleverly knitted into the
fabric of the music: the vocals on the
almost OPN-like 'Two Chords' and the
beatless 'In The Way' are full of dropouts
and glitches, as if they've been
recklessly timestretched out of shape -
the latter track makes for a particularly
striking album opener, wrongfooting your
expectations from the outset with an
aching ballad assembled from a hybrid of
cracked electronics and pseudo-classical
instrumentation. Releasing an album like
'North' marks a bold move from Hyperdub,
but the label has been duly rewarded with
what must surely rank as one of the year's
most stylistically inventive and talked
about debuts.

mediafire.com ?zo6mqgio187x6ox

multiupload.com WZ4JKVMJET
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Darkstar-North (HDBCD006)-WEB-2010-DEF
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