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 Fly Russia - Various Artists

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PostSubject: Fly Russia - Various Artists   Fly Russia - Various Artists I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 7:13 pm

coisas mt boas aqui boots

Fly Russia by Various Artists

Fly Russia - Various Artists 156807669-1


Russia is a country and continent far too large to understand without proper competence. Loaded without national clichés both ethnic and political, most Western citizens feel not much more than a vague indifference towards the vast lands spanning from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Novosibirsk to Vladivostok. Since the Iron Curtain dropped somewhat 20 years ago, Western Pop culture was hungrily embraced by young Russia and Moscow in particular, stomached, and processed to something new yet obscurely familiar. Welcome Fly Russia!

Error Broadcast hooked up with Siberian Future Music Community Gimme5.info to deliver a 15-track compilation that features all the names relevant to the Russian beatscene. Some of these heads should be familiar to you. Pixelord and DZA had a good amount of press in recent months, OL will release his new EP with Error Broadcast very soon, and you had been able to witness the likes of Maguett, Demokracy and Miracle Libido earlier at this place, too. However, with “Fly Russia”, everybody included shines with new and exclusive material, and the effects of constructive interference make this compilation more than a sum of its individual parts.

At all given diversity, common to all tracks on “Fly Russia” is an in-depth understanding of 30 years of experimental electronic music, the love for a Hip Hop and downbeat tempo plus something people might define as “Slav Soul”. Beneath several layers of nasty beats and hissing synthesizers, melancholy lurks in nearly every song. The generation of young beatmakers we refer to as “Fly Russia” does aim for nodding heads and emotional impact all but the same.

Gimme5 and Error Broadcast offer something real unique here. Take your time, please.
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Fly Russia - Various Artists
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